Physical distancing, never social

Kate was delighted to be approached by independent film maker, Natasha Marburger, who is Director of the London and Los Angeles Independent Film Festivals. She has made a film and was looking for a charity to link it to. We were thrilled to say yes!

The film stars Paul Barber and Carolyn Lyster. It was produced by Natasha Marburger Productions Ltd, directed by Vitor Vilela, written by Paul Casar, and features music by Fyfe Dangerfield.

In the midst of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, two lifelong friends Irene and Winston discuss their hopes and fears during their daily virtual chats. As time ticks on, will the clock finally run down to reveal their true feelings and aspirations for the future?

The physical strain and mental health impact of loneliness on an older or vulnerable person is enormous, without the added stress of social isolation in care homes or their own homes. Small charities like Supporting Older People are vital during Covid-19. They are the lifeblood of communities, ensuring older and vulnerable people have companionship and access to food and medicines, but their funding has reduced during the pandemic.

Thank you and stay safe!

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