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Supporting Older People Talk to ITV Calendar News

Many charities like Supporting Older People rely on volunteers to help provide life saving services to people in our community but due to the pandemic, volunteers have been in sort supply. The lack of volunteers has had a huge impact on many charities, something ITV calendar News wanted to learn more about. Our very own… Continue Reading →

Pablo’s Kitchen Reaches Major Milestone with 11,000 Meals Cooked

At the start of lockdown, Supporting Older People partnered up with Paul Welch, founder of Pablo’s Kitchen, to help provide frozen, home cooked meals to those struggling most in lockdown. Paul recently reached the major milestone of cooking his 11,000th meal from his kitchen.

Upwards and Onwards for SOP

Even though last year was one of the toughest we have experienced here at Supporting Older People, thanks to our amazing team and army of volunteers, we continued to support our elderly members and those most in need in our community. Together we have achieved so much during the pandemic, reaching amazing milestones and pulling… Continue Reading →

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